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Main Entrance

Cattleya Gallery

Orchid Exotica, BLC George King 'Serendipity' 

Cattleya Irene Finney

Orchids in the Mist, Cattleya scroederae

BLC Ponkan's Southern Lady

Pink catt, Cattleya schroederae

LC Tiny Treasure

SLC Jillian Lee

Laelia rubescense

Orchid Intoxication

Cattleya bowringiana

Lc Rita Renee  'Matriarch'

Other Orchids Gallery

Equitant Oncidium Native Dancer

Bothriochilus bellus

Endemic, The Green Swamp, NC

Epidendrum ciliare

Schomburgkia tibicinus

Orange Phalaenopsis, Nature's Primary Colors

Epidendrum schomburgkia

The Parvisepalum Paphiopedilums

Paph. callosum

Oncidium Popoki 'Mitzi'

Paphiopedilum fairrieanum
The Pagoda Orchid

Twisted Demon, Schomburgkia species

Bulbophyllum fascinator

Pastel Landscapes Gallery


Dawn's Palette

The Edge of Spring

Filtered Light at Demarest Landing

Fire Fog on Cypress Lake

Garden Guardians, Nun St., Wilmington, NC

Garden Ladies

Hugh MacRae Park

Island Harbor, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Once Upon a Time, New Hanover County Arboretum

Still Water, NHC Senior Center

The Color Maple

Perfect Pick at Lewis Farms

The Road to Beaufort, NC

Sky Catchers, Palm Fronds

Spring Cypress at Greenfield Lake, Wilmington, NC

Sunset on the Cape Fear River

Wrightsville Beach Museum, Beach Haven, Carolina Style

Other Original Paintings Gallery

Carolina Fall

Crimson Camellia

Gothic Forest

Hudson's Inspiration

Prairie Cone Showers Flowers

Purple Dazzler Water Lily

Morning's Glory

Sweet Gum Palette


Yellow WaterLily's first Morning

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American Cattleyas by Courtney Hackney

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